Lost Little Hyperlinks
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Here are some sites to go to:

A Bunch Of Links

UselessIt's Paul's site crammed with lots of useless information. Actually I found it quite useful
mr_xWell, I decided to add my friend's site in. Yes he is a real person, and not a cartoon character... Ok, not really. It's really part of The Simpsons.com site.
blue star cartoonsHey guess wat? Mary Anne has an anime site!!! OK well there's kool stuff & u will learn way too much about her. Hehe, J/K.
comics_onlineHehe, well I've been visiting this place for a while & it's cool. You can Find a bunch of comics, & sign up for a comic a day by e-mail. P.S. Don't miss Randolph Itch 2:00 AM
LLC This is the older form of this site... I recomend you steer away from it for it has many dangerous objects pointing at you! OK i made that up, but watever...
soda Try it out! Actually I would warn you since these soda thingamajigs are quite dangerous...
tigerThis site has many strange & interesting links. It's a good place if you have a couple hours to waste.